Verify Your Cashmere

Have you purchased a Genuine Pashmina?

Every Cashmere product is labeled with a QR Code available inside or outside having a hologram with an independent tag number within a product known as Chyangra Pashmina recognized worldwide for the 100% genuine and reassurance of the quality that we provide with a Trademark label.

Once we sell our Cashmere products, we are not only making a business but we always want to make happy, and satisfied and assure our clients that they have bought a genuine Cashmere from Nepal. For this reason; we are here to prove your cashmere products for 100% Genuine. No matter what you have bought or going to buy from Pashminas Nepal or with others in any online or physical stores; whenever or wherever around the globe.

Scan the QR Code from the label and click to browse on the bottom of the homepage enter the tag number and click on Verify. Or through desktop/laptop click Verify Your Pashmina with the same process. You will get the result.