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School Management and Operations

Even in today’s 21st century, there is still an absence of education and proper school for the children of the village area. The growth of the population in rural areas has affected the livelihood of the native people as well as the children.

Therefore, considering the importance and necessity of the school in 2004 “Shree Janachetana Adharbhut School” was established with the provision of educating the local children of the village for the betterment of the society.

The conservation and management of this school are prepared by local people. Their perception and belief are towards the development of the school with the help of teachers and guardians in order to operate the school.

This school is located at Barbardiya – 2, Bardia District, Bheri Zone. The distance between the capital city Kathmandu to Bardia is about 570 Km or 355 miles approx. Bardia lies in Province No. 5 in mid-western Nepal.

This is a small village with 1567 people living. The school provides education to local children which consists of three small buildings. The building consists of 13 classrooms including 65 old pairs of benches and desks for studying. There is only 1 Child Development Centre that provides services to children with additional needs. The school has two toilets, one for the administration and another for the children. The total number of students in the school is 300 and has barely 11 teachers in total including 1 principal.

The objective and goal of this school are to develop the village school as well as the children with good education with the help of local people for the economic and educational development in the country, but due to lack of infrastructure like school buses, lack of books, notebook, bags, etc has badly affected the children. There are lot more problems the children have to cope with like they have to walk a long way to school from home, they don’t have proper shoes and sandals even they don’t have an umbrella during rainy seasons. These problems are faced day by day, in the life of the students and therefore there is a shortage in the development of students. During the rainy season’s school playground is full of muddy.

Some Pictures of School:

School PlayGround

Classroom Frontward

Classroom Backward

Administration Restroom

Student Restroom