Quality , Products and Sizes


We offer only the highest quality of Pure Cashmere products are Made in Nepal with hand-woven and with very fine Grade A Cashmere Yarn. Our Cashmere yarn is tested in the lab before we produce it.


Products can be made from 100% Pure Cashmere or 70% Cashmere with 30% Silk Blended as well 50% Cashmere with 50% Silk Blended or 50% Cashmere with 50% Ultra Fine Wool Blended.


We offer Cashmere products on the following standard sizes for our valued customers which are almost available. Please let us know if you are looking for alter sizes that we don’t have on our website, we can check whether we do have them in our stock room, cause there are many sizes that we haven’t upload to our website.

To find sizes, how many products are available on our site in a single click, just go to the home page and on the left corner, there is a “search here” and just placed the size (36×80) and press enter. It will automatically show all available sizes with different products.

Custom design and size are also made but need to have a minimum order for it.

Products              Inches              CM

Muffler                 10X65              25X165
Muffler                 10X68              25X170
Muffler                 12X60              30X150
Muffler                 12X70              30X175
Muffler                 14X80              35X200
Scarf                    16X72              40X180
Scarf                    18X80              45X200
Scarf                    20X68              50X170
Scarf                    20X80              50X200
Wide Scarf           22X70              55X175
Wide Scarf           22X80              55X200
Stole                    28X80              70X200
Stole                    32X76              80X190
Shawl                  36X80              90X200
Baby Blanket       36X36              90X90
Baby Blanket       36X44              90X110
Square Scarf       39X39             100X100
Extra Shawl         39X80             100X200
Large Shawl        39X100           100X250
Throw Blanket     50X70             125X175
Square                55X55             140X140
Large Shawl        55X71             140X180
Square                60X60              150X150
Throw Blanket     58X80             145X200
Twin Blanket        58X90             145X225
Full Blanket          80X90             200X225
Queen Blanket     90X90             225×225
King Blanket        90X110            225X280


All of our products except Blankets have 3 Inches long hand-twisted fringes or cut fringe at both ends or in four courner. Blankets and Throws have satin bind ONLY wrapped all around by exclusive silk edge but can make an inquiry for the hand-twisted fringes for Throw only. Each and all products are labeled with the content of the material used and as always we will provide the Trade Mark label of Chyangra Pashmina for the genuine products that are well known now in 47 countries.

Pashminas that are Made in Nepal have their own Trade Mark known as Chyangra Pashmina. High Mountain Cashmere from Nepal, the only quality guaranteed by the Government of Nepal with 100% reassurance of quality.