Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pashmina or Cashmere?

Pashmina or known as Cashmere comes from Persian Pashm meaning the premium quality wool fiber, the Soft Gold king of fibers. It’s the finest Cashmere wool in the world. Pashmina has come to be known as a special kind of wool that comes from the outer skin of the Himalayan goat known as Capra Hircus locally called Chyangra living in the high altitudes of the Himalayas above 14,000 feet. Himalayan goats are found in the high plateau regions of Nepal, Tibet, Kashmir, and the central plains of Inner Mongolia.

What is difference between Pashmina and Cashmere?

There is absolutely no difference between the two. Pashmina is the Indian/Persian word for Cashmere. The word Cashmere is derived from the Kashmir region of India, whereas Pashmina is the original name for the same fiber in Nepal.

What is the process of making Pashmina?


Spinning converts continuous and twisted strand fiber into the required yarn count. Traditionally spinning is being carried out spinning wheel called Charkha. Charkha changes the big fiber cone into a small cone that fits in handlooms.


Weaving is a process where we can give Pashmina fiber its shape, size, and fabric design. This is the most time-consuming and painstaking the entire whole Pashmina-making process. The workers need to move their whole body during this process.


When Pashmina gets its shape. It will be taken for dying where it gets its color and beauty. In this process, Pashmina is deep into hot water mixed with color and moving by stick or rod and it will be taken out after only it gets into color what it needs to be.


After Pashmina gets its color and dries on sunlight it will take to the next process called Mending. It is a quality control department where worker checks error and fix and as well making a hand-twisted fringe.


The mending process makes Pashmina make almost ready but ironing is preparation for packaging with suitable heat and as well the final error to detect while ironing. Pashmina is ironed and removes all wrinkles.


It last process of Pashmina making where ironed Pashmina is packed into bags.

Where are your products made from?

We offer only the highest quality of Cashmere products. So, our all products are Hand-Woven in Nepal and with very fine Grade A Cashmere Yarn using 15-16.5 microns in diameter. So, it cannot be spun by machines and so the downy wool is hand-woven.

What can you order from our site?

You can purchase Pashmina products from mufflers to King size Blanket that are made from 100% Pure Cashmere using different Ply for different products to make or 70% Cashmere with 30% Silk blend. We offer different Cashmere products in the following standard sizes for our valued customers which are always available Click Here

What are the differentiate grades of Cashmere or Pashmina?

Cashmere is available in several grades, including A, B, C, and so on. But we always offer only the highest quality of cozy Pashmina products made with Grade A of Cashmere yarn. The best grade of Cashmere is 15-16.5 microns in diameter and all the Pashmina or Cashmere products that we always offer are made from 100% very fine Grade A Cashmere yarn.

Grade B: Grade B fiber is normally thicker than the Grade A Cashmere fiber, with a diameter of 19 microns.  It is still luxurious fabric but feels less soft and fine than the grade A and as well the prices are less.

Grade C: This is the lowest quality of Cashmere fiber. It is very thick and is about twice in thickness of Grade A fiber. Grade C fabrics are about 30 microns in diameter and the price is much less than both grade A and B. Pashminas made from this Grade usually feel very less soft and warm when touched.

Our valued customers are always welcome to order from multiple sources to compare our superior quality with that of any other online retailer.

What are Count and Ply?

26/2 refers firstly to the fineness (count) of the Cashmere yarn and secondly to the ply.

The Count means that 26 meters of single yarn weigh 1 gram. Following on 60 counts indicates that the yarn has been spun longer than the 26 counts to make 60 meters weigh 1 gram, making a finer yarn. Our featherweight shawl comes only in the weight of 80 grams as we used yarn 200/2. The higher the count the more expensive the yarn will be and thinner too. The same method refers to Silk as well as comparing to 210/2 or 140/2 silk.

A simple way to look at a Ply is the number of Pashmina yarn twisted together to make one piece of yarn to weave. So, the greater numbers of ply’s have greater Cashmere contains and the more substantial the items. Two-ply yarn is much better than single-ply because the ply twist offsets the torque inherent in a single yarn. Additional ply’s added weight and color option, but the extra ply’s added no extra quality. Added weight means making thicker Cashmere goods and will be more expensive too.

What colors do you offer?

The only online store that we have managed to offer clear as possible as we can and the large bundle of colors on our website from 350 shades including Black, Kora, and White even for a single piece of order. We sell only the color of your choice. For color code & options Click Here. But, do not forget to claim Free color chart if you are our first customer mentioned in the Order Notes in checkout details.

How do you order and mode of payments?

We’re pleased to offer you 24/7 online shopping from the comfort of your own Hand and Home. The ordering process is easier, start to finish, choose the Cashmere products from our collection by placing color code # and click on Add to Cart then click on View Cart or proceed to Checkout and finally fill out the secure order billing/shipping form on the pages that follow.

All prices are in US Dollars. We accept online payments via all major credit and debit cards including Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, and as well through PayPal balances. Privacy and Security of your online purchase are protected by PayPal’s Consumer Protection Program Click Here

We accept as well online Wire Transfers through the bank. Your order through such payment will be only accepted once the transfer has been confirmed by us.

How much is the shipping cost for my country?

We have made an actual Base Shipping Charge of US$34.90 for A1 and US$49.90 for B2 countries.

Once our valued customers spend the total purchase Order of US$299 for A1 listed countries and total purchase Order of US$449 for B2 rest of the countries you will receive Free Shipping.

Countries Listed in A1: Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bhutan, Brunei, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Maldives, Malta, Mexico, Myanmar, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, UK, USA, Vietnam

Countries Listed in B2: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Egypt, Mauritius, New Caledonia, Reunion, South Africa, and the Rest of the World.

Note: Please inquiry, if your country is not listed in our shipping method, we will update it once upon your request to us.

When can I expect my orders to be delivered?

We are not going to dispatch the next day as others do, cause we sell the only color of your choice and offer you color choices from nearly 350 on-line shades including Black, Kora, and White even for a single piece of order. This offer keeps to be patience for our valued customers; after the next day of your payment confirmation; 4  to 5 working days to dispatch your orders from Nepal by the well-known service of DHL and they will take the next 5 to 7 working days to deliver to your respected addresses, but sometimes if the receiver addresses are from the countryside will take some more extra days. However, we do not have any control over delays that occur while shipments are in transit, obviously, we do track and follow up with carriers if there is a delay and update our customers as necessary.

Keep in mind that once we received confirmation of your payment, then only we go for the dyeing process; that means our valued customers will receive orders directly from the factory with freshness; keeping you away from getting old and moist items that have been stuck in stores for an unidentified period.

Please Note: If the delivery is to your home address, be ensure someone must be at home to receive the goods. If not, we highly recommend using the alternative address, such as your work address for delivery.

The shipping company will NOT accept the post box addresses for delivery and remember shipping companies will not deliver on weekends or on any public holidays.

Do you offer order tracking status?

Yes, we only shipped from DHL the most reliable, secure, and fast service, and our company’s shipping partner. Once your order is dispatched from Nepal an email with the tracking # will be provided to our customer. Just you have to click on Track Your Order from the bottom of our homepage and go for DHL and a page will open in a new window and enter the tracking # provided by Pashminas Nepal and just Track; it will direct you to the tracking details on the following sites.

Why do you need to have an account in our site?

Ordering from Pashminas Nepal for the first time, is not required but you may fill out the registration form or you can go directly for the payment without registering. The advance of this system is; that you will have to fill out only once for your general details. From your next order you just log in with us and the personal information is automatically loaded. Only you have access to this information, you can review your order status and your previously placed orders. Below is our privacy policy.

What is your Privacy Policy?

We value the privacy and security of the information through that you share with us. We use the order form only to collect your name, address, telephone #, and email address. We DO NOT collect your credit card #. Your credit card will be processed in the secure server of PayPal.

We use only your email address and your telephone # for the purpose of delivering your valuable order. We only collect, use, and disclose personal information that is reasonable in the circumstances and use only fair and lawful means to collect personal information and never does not sell or share your information with third parties.

What is your Return and Replace Policy?

Return Policy: Customers may only return their products for a 100% refund if they get Only Flaw products within 15 days of their order receipt but need to inform us immediately and send the photos of the damaged product as soon as you received them at must return in a brand new condition and in their original packing with including Chyangra Pashmina tag. Once we received the goods then only Pashminas Nepal will go further process for 100% refund including shipping charges, if you have paid and don’t worry we are responsible for the return label as well.

Replace Policy: Our first priority is to 100% refund your payment once we received the goods if the Cashmere products we have to send that is the only flaw. We are happy to replace it with free of shipping cost, including the return label.

Our Addresses: –

Anurag Thapa
C/O Pashminas Nepal
P.O. Box # 23931
Kathmandu, Nepal
Cell # 977-9851241515

Using a secure method to return goods back to our above addresses is the best way that you can claim in your country; if they are lost on the way to the destination. Unless we don’t receive the Return Goods at our address No Claim for refund or replacement. Please inquiry before you shipped to us.

Do you offer satisfaction guarantee of your Product?

Yes, of course, cause; we always provide a label for each and every item to be assured that the Pashmina you bought from us is 100% Genuine. In Nepal, the Chyangra Pashmina label can be used only after the yarn is tested by a Swiss-made OFDA (Optical Fiber Diameter Analyzer) machine. A trademark of Nepali Pashmina known as Chyangra Pashmina is registered in 47 countries. High Mountain Cashmere or Pashminas from Nepal.

So, no chance will come to return the goods by our customers but we still offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all the products that you purchase from us. Customers can inform us at of the refund, within 15 days of receipt, without asking any questions. Products must be unused and returned in brand new condition and in their original packing including Chyangra Pashmina Label.

Why are your prices so low for the “Grade A” Products?

We don’t have overhead costs such as a shop front to run or a warehouse to maintain the cost. Our supply chain is very short-so the products come straight from the factory to you. Avoiding the high cost and keeping less profit; these give our customers affordable prices for the same genuine products that sell in decent stores or in online around the world. Our valued customers are always recommended to order from multiple sources to compare not only the price but with our 100% superior quality we provide with that of any other online retailer. As well, giving benefits to customers choosing a color from 350 shades, we sell only the color of your choices.

How can you tell real Pashmina?

There are several ways to perform the real Pashmina test, get a small portion or ever a fringe of the supposed Pashmina fabric, light it, and wait for it to burn. Then smell and touch it. Since Pashmina or Cashmere is made from real natural animal hair, it should smell like burnt hair, not likely burning plastic. If it’s a synthetic fiber, you may smell burnt leaves and it will burn more brightly and leave a small bump behind.

If you carefully check the weave against the light, you can see an irregular weave. Pure Pashmina is woven on a handloom and hence will always have an irregular weave. These irregularities are the mark of real Pashmina products.

The Pashmina must have a matte finish in coloring. A shiny product indicates the presence of silk mix or other fabric since Pashmina does not shine but it should not be dull either. A little bit of fabric sheen is alright but too much shine is an indication that your Pashmina is fake. Such as in our thread sample kit which the color sample is made from Viscose.

This is another test you must not miss. Pashmina is an animal fiber and is likely to pill, however much you try. Pilling can be reduced to an extent but won’t completely go. If you don’t spot any pilling, it means that there is some synthetic mix. Cause pilling is the natural character of Cashmere.

An alleged cashmere product makes your skin itch, and then it is not genuine. So, it should be non-itchy.

These are some of the most common and simple ways to know if your Pashmina is a genuine one.

Have you purchased a Genuie Pashmina?

Every Cashmere product is labeled with a QR Code available inside having a hologram with an independent tag number within a product known as Chyangra Pashmina recognized worldwide for the 100% genuine and reassurance of the quality that we provide with Trademark.

Once we sell our Cashmere products, we do not gain only profit but we always wanted to make happy, satisfaction and assure our clients that they have bought genuine Cashmere from Nepal; “what you paid you get more than that”. It’s not that you paid less expensive and Cashmere is not genuine. Don’t worry, no matter whether you buy from Pashminas Nepal or with others whenever or wherever around the globe; we are here to prove your cashmere the 100% Genuine.

Scan the QR Code from the label and click to browse and on the bottom of the homepage enter the tag number and click on Verify. Or through desktop/laptop click Verify Your Pashmina with the same process.

How to wash and store your Cashmere products?

We highly recommended all Pashmina or Cashmere products must Dry Clean Only. For more information on how to wash and store your valuable Cashmere products Click Here

How can I remove my Pashmina creases?

The best way to remove the packing creases is to iron using a slightly damp plain cloth on top of the Pashmina. We wouldn’t recommend ironing directly on the Pashmina. If you have a steam iron then this can be very effective in removing the folds. Just don’t steam too hot or too close.

Trade Mark of "Chyangra Pashmina?

Luxury to some means living comfortably; to others, it is wearing the best quality. Chyangra Pashmina is the genuine product of Nepal made from the finest inner wool of the unique Himalayan mountain goat living in the high altitudes above 14,000 feet. It authenticates stringent quality standards, is environment friendly, and has no child labor. Chyangra Pashmina labeled products to support the responsible development of the Nepalese economy.

Now, it has been registered “Chyangra Pashmina” as a trademark in 47 countries including all the EU countries, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, and many other countries; recently in Malaysia, Brazil, Russia, and China. Each Label is having a Hologram with an independent tag number. In order to be able to use the Chyangra Pashmina Trademark label, we must agree to comply with very strict criteria set out in the Code of Conduct of the Nepal Govt. The Label is the authentic representation of pure, genuine, finest, and 100% reassurance of the qualities of the Pashminas product of Nepal. In Nepal, the Chyangra Pashmina tag label can be used only after the yarn is tested by a Swiss-made OFDA (Optical Fiber Diameter Analyzer) machine. High Mountain Cashmere from Nepal, is the only quality guaranteed by the Government of Nepal.