About Pashmina or Cashmere


Pashmina or known as Cashmere comes from Persian Pashm meaning premium quality wool fiber, the Soft Gold king of fibers. It’s the finest Cashmere wool in the world very cozy with warmth.

However, over many centuries, Pashmina has come to be known as a special kind of wool that comes from the outer skin of the Himalayan goat known as Capra Hircus locally called Chyangra living in the high altitudes of the Himalayas above 14,000 feet. Himalayan goats are found in the high plateau regions of Nepal, Tibet, Kashmir, and the central plains of Inner Mongolia. Living at a high altitude, Himalayan goats need to have warm winter fur to protect them against the bitter winter cold and to survive an extremely cold climate. Only the animals living on such a roof will produce this fine wool. The wool of the underbelly of the Himalayan goats is used for Pashmina. A goat produces about 3-5 ounces of wool per year, and one woven Pashmina shawl requires nearly the wool from three goats. Their undercoat grows a unique, incredibly soft Pashm – an inner coat, six times finer than human hair. As it is only 15-16.5 microns in diameter for Grade A Cashmere yarn, it cannot be spun by machines so the downy wool is hand-woven.

Pashmina, the finest Cashmere wool has been popular for centuries among royal and other elites as the finest, most luxurious wool, this glorious wool has been prized for its lightness, durability, and cozy with warmth. In Nepal also it has been traced back to prehistoric times. People living in high altitudes discovered the unique and wonderful properties of Pashmina. A genuine Pashmina is NOT only a luxury item but it is also very rare.

Cashmere products are made with 100% Pure Pashmina yarn and as well it can be blended with Silks and differentiated with the weight of all 100% Cashmere items used from the different Count and Ply of Pure Pashmina yarns.

Nepal is famous for hand-woven Pashmina Products in the entire world as the most precious possession. Worldwide recognized and registered now in 47 countries known as Chyangra Pashmina a new Pashmina Trademark label for Pashminas of Nepal. The only quality guaranteed by the Government of Nepal. We got this Chyangra Pashmina label after the yarn was tested. So, this mark is your 100% reassurance of the quality you have bought.

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